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IP Strategy: The Approach to Promote Industrial Property Rights 2021-2030

The system of industrial property rights is an important instrument for the support of economic growth. The effective management of industrial property rights is essential for further expansion of research, development, and innovation capabilities, as a necessary factor for long-term competitiveness. In addition to ensuring the exclusive rights to use intangible property, the system also provides an opportunity to share knowledge of the latest technical developments.

According to statistical evaluation, Czech users have achieved some progress in protecting their inventions and innovations in recent years. However, they are still far from reaching the level of their competitors from other industrialised countries, especially regarding the sale of licenses, utilising patent information and using legally free innovations. The opportunities for using patent information to avoid re-researching, to stay in touch with the most recent research, development, and production of competitors and to eliminate the risk of significant sanctions caused by infringement of other entities’ industrial property rights, are not exploited sufficiently.

The society-wide need to promote the use of the industrial property rights system has resulted in the inclusion of this topic into the 2019-2030 Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic. Current IP Strategy: The Approach to Promote Industrial Property Rights (hereinafter referred to as the IP Strategy) is based on the Innovation Strategy and supports its basic concepts. The IP Strategy is also linked with the “National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic 2021+” and closely supports its goals. Facing the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy will now have to focus on the knowledge economy, which is closely linked to industrial property rights.

Similar to the Innovation Strategy, the IP Strategy focuses on those intellectual property issues that are aimed at promoting the protection of industrial property. The IP Strategy offers a set of measures that should improve the understanding, and encourage the use of, the system of industrial property rights. Since low awareness of the importance and opportunities is widely regarded as one the main reasons why the system continues to be underused, the IP Strategy also proposes measures to be taken in education.

IP Strategy: The Approach to Promote Industrial Property Rights 2021-2030 (pdf, 1,1 MB)

Analysis of the use of the potential of intellectual property protection (pdf, 1,8 MB)