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A complete picture of the economic impact of counterfeiting and piracy

The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights


In the context of the Boards of Appeal Action Plan 2021-2026 the first five Boards of Appeal case-law research reports (which can be found on the EUIPO website under ‘Boards of Appeal publications’) were published.

These informative reports cover diverse areas of trade mark and designs practice that will serve, internally, as one of the primary sources of information for the Boards of Appeal themselves and will contribute, externally, to progressive coherence and consistency in trade mark and design law.

They are the result of thorough and objective analysis of relevant case-law and reflect the Boards’ understanding of the main case-law trends and also possible divergences following discussions within the Consistency Circles and the General Consistency Meetings of the Boards of Appeal1. They were also presented and discussed at the Judges’ Quality Assurance and Legal Practice Panels, the Boards of Appeal’s external network of national IP Judges.

EUIPO launched the Transparency Transparency Portal to facilitate online search and public access to the documents registered in the Public Documents Register. There are various reports and links to a register of public documents on the activities, structure and administration of EUIPO. Documents are organized into five categories: economic issues, environmental issues, personnel issues, organizational issues, social issues and relationships. For more information, see Transparency Portal