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Information on Personal Data Protection

We provide the following information in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to personal data processing and on free movement of data, and repealing Directive No. 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Information on Personal Data Protection (pdf, 158 kB)

Cookie policy

When you visit our website or use our web applications we might collect certain information about you, such as your IP address, time of your visit, information about your web browser, operating system or language preferences. We might also collect information about your behaviour during your visit (which parts of our content you display, which links you visit). Information about your behaviour is anonymized and we are not able to tie it to a specific person. If you are visiting us from a mobile device, we might collect information about the device as well, especially for the purpose of content optimalization (we use responsive design).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are created when you visit websites which employ this technology. They are a common tool to collect information about the use of websites.

Cookies allow us to distinguish users from one another (but not to identify them as a particular person). We use cookies to tailor our website to suit individual needs and run traffic analysis. Without cookies web pages would become less functional and offer worse user experience.

There are several types of cookies. Our websites make use of these types:

Necessary (technical) cookies: We use them to facilitate basic functionality of our web presentation (e. g. formatting content for your screen, session IDs, cookie consent management). They cannot be disabled using our cookie consent management system. This type of cookie is stored on your device when you visit our web presentation (upv.gov.cz) or our web applications which are accessible on the isdv.upv.gov.cz domain (IPO bulletin search, service satisfaction questionnaire, database interface) as well.

Functional cookies: We use persistent cookies to remember your preferences for the next time you visit us (e. g. which parts of the page you have selected, which parts you have hidden). This type of cookie is used on our web presentation (upv.gov.cz).

Analytical cookies: We use analytical cookies to monitor traffic on our website. These cookies enable us to collect information about which parts of our website you have visited and how you have interacted with our content. We use traffic data to make relevant changes to our website to allow for better user experience. Data about traffic is collected using an on-premise tool called Matomo and is not shared with any third party (with the exception of overall statistical indicators, such as the total of how many visitors we had in a given year). 

Consent with the use of cookies on our website can be managed (incl. subsequently granted or revoked) using our cookie consent management window. A link to the management window is available in the footer section of every page of our web presentation (upv.gov.cz).

Not giving us consent to store functional and analytical cookies on your device won’t make our website unreachable or result in denial of any of our services. However, your overall user experience might become less pleasant as a result. 

It’s also possible to modify the process of storing cookies on your device by adjusting settings in your web browser. Most modern browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, …) have the ability to turn on anonymous browsing. Another option is to deny the use of cookies altogether – however, doing so can significantly affect your browsing experience.